Remember March 11th : Part II


12:30-4:30pm, 27 April, Saturday, Harry Miller Hall, Kirk O'Field Church

The Japanese Singing Group presents

Remember March 11th: Part II


Time and Date: 12:30-4:30pm, Saturday, 27 April, 2013

Place: Harry Miller Hall, Kirk O'Field Church, Brown Street (Off Pleasance)

Map: please visit here


Thank you very much for all who joined and supported the event! That was a very enjoyable time. We have raised £340.58!!! We will send this amount together with £47.80 raised at Remember March 11th in March to the Documentary Production Committee. A report of the event has been written by Natsuko on her own blog (this has been written in Japanese). She has also written a warm review on the documentary (in Japanese). Our singing performances were kindly recorded by Mr Jocky Smith. Please visit here! 


The amount of £388.38 (56,994 yen) was sent to the Miyagi Earthquake Film Production Committee. Since transaction fees of 4,000 yen were deducted, the amount received by the committee is 52,994 yen. Two transanction documents are shown below. This time the donations have been sent to the committee directly from the Japanese Singing Group, considering difficulties for Hand in Hand for Japan to deal with it.

Receipt from Miyagi Earthquake Film Production Committee
Remittance Statement From Miyagi.tif
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The original image is designed by Ms Ruth Baggins, graphic designer. This image has been on screen savers of the library computers at the University of Edinburgh at the moment. 




  12:30 pm One Day Cafe (Edinburgh Japanese Church)

      Home-made dishes!

  • Japanese food (Futomaki-sushi, Inari-sushi (v), Croquettes, Oden)
  • Korean food (Kimchi (v), Chapchae (v), Yahgnyum Chicken)
  • Tea (Genmai-tea, Gobo-tea)

  1:30 pm Music Concert


  Natsuko       Piano Teacher

Piano solo:

  • Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Ryuichi Sakamoto)
  • The Snow is Dancing (Claude Debussy)

Singing with piano

  • Hoki Boshi no Uta [Comet's Song]
  • Teru no Uta [Therru's Song] (from the film 'Gedo Senki (Tales from Earthsea)'


  • Hana wa Saku [Flowers bloom]
  • Sekai ni Hitotsu dakeno Hana [Only flower in the world]
  • Itsumo Nando demo [Always with me]


  2:00 pm  Introduction about Ishinomaki & Ishinomaki Fund

  2:20 pm  Documentary Screening (Please see below)

  4:00 pm  One Day Cafe (Edinburgh Japanese Church)

     Home-made sweets!

  • Roll Cake (Maccha, Strawberry, Mocha, Chocolate)
  • Castella (Maccha, Yuzu)
  • Macaron (Strawberry, Maccha)
  • Bouchée
  • Sweatened red bean paste bans (Anpan)
  • Tea (Genmai-tea, Gobo-tea)                  

  4:30 pm  Close 


No entrance fees. Everybody is very welcome!

For One Day Cafe and to Documantary Screening Committee, we would appreciate your warm donations. The menu at One Day Cafe might change on the day.


The documentary can be watched by any age group, but considering English subtitles it would be suitable from 10-13 years old.  


All the donations will be sent to the documentary production committee through Hand in Hand for Japan, which was set up by Ms Calyn Tsukishima.


Apologies: To keep half the donations as Ishinomaki Fund to support a girl from Ishinomaki to study in Edinburgh was originally advertised on the website, in our flyers and posters, and some other ways. However, to start Ishinomaki Fund we still need more preparations. I sincerely apologize this change. (Atsuko Betchaku) 







Rev. Ian Maxwell, the minister of Kirk O'Field Parish Church, for everything about the venue 


Communication Point for printing flyers/posters 

Pekoetea for Genmai tea

About the Documentary

Scottish Premiere:


Living Through March 11, 2011 (with English subtitles/naration)

Words That Remember The Great East Japan Earthquake


Please read an article of this film in The Japan Times (2 March 2013)

Another article in The Asahi Shimbun (4 March 2013)


Production Crew: Miyagi Earthquake Film Production Committee


Production Committee Head: Kazuo Abe

Production Committee Administrator: Susumu Sato

Editor: Masaru Muramoto

Cinematographer: Masafumi Ichinose

Sound Recording: Osamu Takizawa

Music: Takuji Mori

Assistant Director: Hideo Ozaki

Director: Kenji Aoike

English Translation: Thomas Hammerlund, Makoto Sakai, Atsuko Hashimoto

English Subtitles: Jeffrey Irish

Naration: Emma Howard





This documentary was filmed in Ishinomaki, a city with a population of about 170,000 in Miyagi Prefecture, located on the Pacific coast in northeast Japan. The mega earthquake and tsunami on 11 March, 2011 devastated the city leaving 3,943 people dead or missing. Among them, 182 were elementary school children. With an earthquake and tsunami that no one had experienced, at that time, how did those at the school judge, handle, and act on the situation? What did the teachers do? How did the children react? What did the parents and family members of the children do? 37 people affiliated with Kadonowaki Elementary School in Ishinomaki were interviewed about the events of the day of March 11 from 2:46pm to the following morning. (97 min)